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Remote use of Ancilary Controls

Models available

Infra-red Steering Grip

Lodgesons Ltd
Wireless Bluetooth Controls

Guidosimplex 1094ti
12 Way Infra-red



The Reselco pistol grip infra-red system is no longer in production.

We are still able to service the units, but replacement parts are subject to availablility. These units can still be transferred into a limited range of cars. Please contact us for further assistance.


There is a new Pistol Grip/Lollipop Grip system out in early 2008.


Lodgesons Ltd


What? Easy and safe operation of up to 18 of the car's controls at your fingertips.

How? Pressing a button on the transmitter sends a signal to a control box that is connected into the car's wiring.

Who? Any person who finds driving difficult with two hands, or who can only drive with one hand. All Lodgesons products can be used with either the right or left hand.

What Functions are available? From the basic 5 Function wireless unit to the fully comprehensive 18 Function unit.

What vehicles are adaptable? We have not yet encountered any vehicle that we could not adapt.

What if someone else needs to drive the car? The modified car can be driven as normal. Simply remove the transmitter from the steering wheel using the quick release feature.

What if I buy a new car? The unit can be simply transferred to the new vehicle.

Can I see in the dark?Thanks to very low power design, estimated battery life is at least 2 years, but many users will never change a battery over 3 years of ownership. If needed, it uses commonly available AAA batteries. All feature a low battery warning light. New R109 & R112 9 & 12 function keypad.

How long will the battery last? Approximately one year with average use.

NEW lollipop Steering Grip (pictured right)

Available Early 2008





Elap now offers an infrared steering wheel control which facilitates control of functions such as lights, indicators, horn etc.

We are able to supply one of two units depending on the customers requirement. The 'compact' is intended to be used with or without a steering knob and provides a discrete alternative to others incorporating a steering ball.

Very neat and unobtrusive as shown in the picture, the compact simply attaches to the inner rim of the steering wheel. It offers 11 way-infrared capability and can control all the vehicles necessary functions.

12 Way InfraRed System

The CAN BUS Infrared system allows the unit to be installed into a vehicle without the need to permanently modify the indicator switch, therefore significantly reducing fitting time

Elap offers FULL 12-WAY Infrared steering wheel control which facilitates control of functions such as lights, indicators, horn etc. The unit comes complete with a LEATHER steering knob as standard and contains a rechargeable battery which offers many hours use between charging either at home or in the car.