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Discounts are often available on our scooters. Visits our Scooter section to view our current Special Offers as well as our full range of scooters from top manufacturers.


Days Medical
Manual wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs

Lifestyle JWX-I  Power Pack System
Lifestyle JW-II  Power Assist System

From £150.00

From £250.00



Boot hoist for manual wheelchairs & scooters
Autochair Lite Roof Wheelchair Hoist System
Autoadapt Turny Orbit (fully electric) seat
Seat to standing aid
Electrically adjusted seat for height forwards and backwards (four way seat),
Personal hoists to lift person from wheelchair to front passenger seat,
Used electric wheelchairs and scooters (with 3 months warranty)

From £695.00
From £3150
From £3995.00
From £825.00
From £850.00

From £1,800.00

From £600.00

Driver Adaptations & Accessories  

Push/Pull Brake Accelerator
Indicator thumb switch
Infra-red / bluetooth steering aids
Panoramic mirror (plus P & P)
Hinged Accelerator
Left foot Accelerator
Braun chair topper
Cowal GZ91 Roof Mounted Overhead Hoist
Multilift person lift
Quick Release Pedal Guard
Easy Release Handbrake
Basil Person Hoist

From £425.00
From £100.00
From £550.00
From £370.00
£3250.00 + £700 (if lifting JWX-I & JW-II)